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Change is the Only Constant

When I started Carla Marie LLC a year ago, I never could have imagined that I'd end up working towards being a serial entrepreneur. I just knew that I couldn't/ didn't want to return to the traditional way of working. I was immunocompromised and didn't want to have anxiety about working in the public. So I started my own virtual assistant and consulting business. I was gifted a class with a business coach from one of my clients. I immediately felt that this woman was someone that I needed to be learning from. I joined her mentorship group at the end of August and I've learned so much since then.

I have taken additional classes and courses outside of our monthly training that we get in the mentorship group that has helped me map out several streams of income; which has been a goal of mine since 2012. I just didn't have the guidance that I currently have.

In addition to my virtual assistant and consulting business, I want to scale my business to offer ebooks, classes, courses, a mentorship program, and Net30 accounts to other small businesses. I'm also in the process of learning how to bid on government contracts.

2022 has been a busy year but I feel very fulfilled. The journey to being a serial entrepreneur is something that I'm truly enjoying.

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